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Warzone 2100
March 9, 1999
Version 1.0

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This  Readme.rtf  file has been shortened here to help my webpage loading time - read it in its entirety at the Warzone2100 ROOT folder.

Minimum Requirements:
∑    P166 MHz Processor
∑    Windows 95 / Windows 98
∑    32 MB RAM
∑    2MB SVGA card
∑    8X CD-ROM Drive
∑    100% DirectX 6 Compliant Sound Card
∑    DirectX 6.0 or higher (included)
∑    75 MB of Uncompressed Hard Drive Storage
∑    Keyboard and Mouse

Recommended Requirements
∑    P233 MHz Processor
∑    64 MB RAM
∑    4 MB Direct3D or 3Dfx compatible 3D Accelerator Card
∑    16X CD ROM

    Multiplayer Game requires one of the following:
∑    IPX or TCP/IP local area network
∑    28.8 Kbps or faster modem
∑    28.8 Kbps or faster internet connection
∑    Serial connection via null modem cable

NOTE: We do not support the game on Windows NT, Laptops, compressed hard drives, or Windows emulators. Although the game might run, its performance and stability will be questionable.

Graphic Modes

Warzone 2100 offers three graphic modes to display the 3D graphics:

Software:     Any 2Mb SVGA graphics card will run Warzone 2100 in Software Mode. We suggest running Warzone in Software if you have problems running Direct3D.
Direct3D:     You need a D3D compatible 3D accelerator card, with DX6 compliant drivers to run Warzone 2100 in D3D mode.
3Dfx GLIDE:     You need a 3Dfx chip based 3D accelerator card, and the latest DX6 certified 3Dfx drivers (Glide 2.54 or higher)

Graphic Resolution

Graphic card resolution changes are only supported through the START MENU. The game runs in 640x480 resolution by default. Software mode can only run in 640x480 resolution. The maximum game resolution is 800x600 in 3Dfx and Direct3D. If you have problems running 800x600, quit out and run the game in 640x480.

800x600 Resolution
Users need to have a 3D accelerator with at least 6 Mb of VRAM.


Warzone 2100 supports AMDís 3DNOW! Technology. If you own a system with an AMD K6-2 processor, you will receive a benefit of a 20% frame rate gain (typically 5fps) over non K6-2 systems. Please go to the AMD web site for more information.



The Warzone CD is required in your CD-ROM drive for all multiplayer games. We have provided 2 CDís in the Warzone box you may use either CD to start a multiplayer game.

We recommend a visit to EidosGames.com to access free Internet play (via Mplayer.com). This is an excellent service in which to play an enhanced version of the Multiplayer game. You can also easily meet other Warzone 2100 aficionados and kick their butts with your own Cyborgs and Tanks.

Playing on Mplayer via EidosGames.com should pose no problems. However, if your ping times are greater than 500ms, you may not be able to access the service.

If you wish to play direct TCP/IP games over the Internet, select the INTERNET option on the Multiplayer Menu, and enter the IP address of the Host machine. We require that you have at least a 28.8 Kbps connection to the Internet (33.6 or higher is recommended) for all multiplayer games over the Internet.

Modem and Serial modes have been successfully tested in a limited capacity. A null modem cable is required to play a game by Serial connection.

Windows Clock

On rare occasions, during very long games, the Windows Clock may stop running. If you notice that your Windows Clock is showing the incorrect time after exiting a game of Warzone 2100, please reboot your system, and your clock will reset to the proper time.

Windows Taskbar

If your Windows Taskbar is set to Auto hide (taskbar disappears when the Windows cursor is hovering over it), you may experience problems, such as the game minimizing while clicking in the area of the screen in which your Windows Taskbar resides. To fix this, please right-click on your Windows taskbar, click Properties, and make sure the Auto hide box is unchecked.

Copy Protection

To prevent piracy, Warzone 2100 has been copy protected.

Technical Support Email Address
You may reach us on the web: http://www.eidosinteractive.com/help.html
or by e-mail at techsupp@eidos.com.

Technical Support Mailing Address
Eidos Interactive
651 Brannan Street, 4
th floor
San Francisco, CA 94107
Attn.: Customer Support


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